Michele Romeo

Michele Romeo was born in Mazara del vallo (November 6th 1992).
Fascinated by music since he was very young, his parents gave him his first guitar when he was 4. He started formally studying guitar with a teacher in his hometown at the age of 10.
In 2004, he met a new guitar teacher, Piero Di Stefano, while on a train journey. Piero would become his new private guitar instructor in 2005. And with Piero, Michele started exploring more deeply the wonderful world of the electric guitar. He discovered artists like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, John Petrucci (Dream Theater) Dave Murrey & Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and others like Al Di Meola, Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, John Scofield, and Pat Metheny.
When Michele was 13, his life started changing completely due to a very rare disease in his eyes. Initially, he became visually impaired but some years later, when he was 18, he lost his vision entirely, becoming completely blind.
Despite this new condition, which initially was a huge obstacle, Michele has been able to let it become a point of strength in his life. Michele focuses all the positive aspects of his blindness, including the development of a superfine hearing ability. Thanks to music, family, friends and faith he has been able to conquer many tough moments, developing a new life philosophy that goes beyond the things that we can just see with our eyes.He also found much inspiration listening to other blind artists like Jeff Healey, Stevie Wonder and Andrea Bocelli.

Michele Romeo e la sua chitarra
Michele Romeo al lavoro

On March 2015, he made his first TV appearance. He was a guest on the Italian TV Show ‘A sua immagine’ airing on Rai 1 and hosted by Lorena Bianchetti. He told his story and also discussed the correlation of music and faith.
Michele went to Liceo Scientifico G.P. Ballatore high school in Mazara del vallo where he had the chance to meet great teachers and experienced his first music concerts and activities, thanks to educational initiatives.
During high school, Michele spent a significant amount of time in various hospitals due to his eye disease.
He wrote his first song when he was hospitalized in Rome, aptly calling it ‘Medical Center’. When he graduated from high school, he decided to record all the songs he composed during his teenage years, producing his first music album ‘Leaves’. The album was recorded and mixed at CFM (Centro Formazione Musicale) in Palermo. It was presented At Garibaldi Theater in Mazara del vallo on January 2015 and at Feltrinelli in Palermo on May 2015.
The musicians that worked with Michele for the creation of his first project are: Domenico Cardella (Drums), Alessio Arena (Bass), Leonardo Bartolone (Keyboards), Piero Di Stefano (guitar), Nadia Burzotta (vocals). Nadia wrote the lyrics for "Leaves", the third song of the album. Michele and Nadia have known each other since high school, and have collaborated together frequently.
In 2012 he decided to move to Milan to study at IULM University where he studied English and Spanish translation, graduating in 2015.
The life experience in Milan gave him the chance to mature considerably and it is reflected in his development as a musical artist.
After the experience in Milan, he decided to dedicate his life entirely to music. He began to focus on fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams, the idea to go to live in the USA.
In 2016, auditioned for Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA, where he got accepted and won a scholarship after participating in Berklee's Umbria Jazz Clinics.
Before moving to the US, he spent a year in Sicily where he started composing and recording songs for his second album. He also had the chance to study with other great guitar instructors like Michele Pantaleo,Francesco Buzzurro and Osvaldo Lo Iacono.
In 2017, Michele moved to Boston and began attending Berklee College Of Music.
Among his many learning experiences at Berklee, he participated in several Master Classes with important guitar Masters like Steve Vai, Jennifer Batten,
Andrea Braido, Massimo Varini and Ciro Manna.